Scale-Me: The Official UK Partner Of AdScale

The Advertising Platform For E-commerce Stores

AdScale is the best way to advertise on Facebook & Google because we use the power of your store data (that they don’t have) to run highly targeted ads with an average ROAS of 10X.

Our customers earn 1000% return on ad spend

Save digital marketing agency costs

Take advantage of the increase in online sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic and put the very best technology on your side. It's time for you to lose your PPC campaign manager and take control of your business. Scale-Me the official UK partner of AdScale allows eCommerce companies to propel their advertising strategy to another level.
People make mistakes, machines don't. Ecommerce businesses have seen a significant increase in online sales due to the pandemic. This is why we believe that you can't afford to make any mistakes right now. Let Artificial Intelligence understand your business and get you the very best PPC results. With an AVERAGE of X10 ROI using the AdScale platform, working with Scale-Me you are guaranteed the best results out there.

How it's done Better Faster Smarter

Easy integration to your store

AdScale connects to the best eCommerce platforms out there. By plugging-in to your website we are able to use the power of your own store data.

We know you well

By plugging-in to your site we are able to know exact real-time data and different customer segments such as your Returning Customers and Lost Customers, your High Order Customers and even your High Revenue ones.

All-in-one ads interface

Create highly targeted campaigns across Shopping, Search, Display, Facebook, and Instagram from one screen, by using the BI Analysis insights, targeting the right customers with the right products on the right channels.

Advertising optimization that works 24/7

AdScale bid & budget optimization algorithms that run on top of Google & Facebook monitor the auctions 24/7, shift budgets between channels and campaigns, and set the right bids to maximize ad revenue.

duplicate conversions

The AdScale plugin means that we are the ONLY ones in the UK able to know your real Return On Investment (ROI). This platform links Google and Facebook products, enables them to communicate and determines all of your duplicate conversions. In some cases, your duplicate conversions can sum up to half of your revenue. We think it’s time for you to know your TRUE ROI.

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