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As AdScale's official UK partner, we know the platform inside and out. Let us put this technology on your side, whilst applying our knowledge and experience in campaign management – let us play the platform for you.
Working with us in collaboration with Adscale’s AI platform, you are guaranteed to get the very best results in your PPC campaigns.
The best part? You only pay for the results we get you!

Success-based pricing - thats our vision

We believe in growing your business and that's why you pay only for the results we give you. We charge by percentage of the revenue that we got you. In our monthly meeting we will go over your reports and set up new goals in order to take your business to the next level.

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AI Marketing
3 % Revenue
  • Setup AdScale Ecommerce
  • Advertisement texts
  • Manage Google, Facebook & Instagram Campaigns
  • Campaigns Optimization
  • Monthly Report
  • Mail


AI marketing + Consulting
5 % Revenue
  • Setup AdScale Ecommerce
  • Advertisement texts
  • Manage Google, Facebook & Instagram Campaigns
  • Campaigns Optimization
  • Product Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • 30 Min Monthly Consultation Meeting
  • Mail, chat and call support

Commitment FREE

Work with us on a monthly based payment and pay only for the resutls we give you. working with SCALE ME  you have got nothing to lose.

Want to get scaled up?

Already working with another agency?

That’s great! So, are you ready to take it to the next level?
Using our AI platform we are the only digital marketing agency that uses the power of your store data. We are able to know the exact marketing details such as: Customer Lifetime Value, Revenue by Product, Returning Customers, Duplicate Conversions and much more.

We might know you better than you know yourself… We are the only agency able to optimise your campaigns using Artificial Intelligence.

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Join thousands of customers just like you!

AI PPC campaign

PPC advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram using Artificial Intelligence like no other agency does. We will connect to your site and set up campaigns on Google Shopping, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram using accurate data from your site. Let us grow your business by setting goals based on data from our platform.

Digital business card

Today a digital business card is the official signature of your business. It presents your details in the best way and is convenient for a quick delivery. The best part is... Your customers will never lose it. In order to stand out from your competitors you must have a digital business card.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO it's the practice of increasing the number of website users to take a desired action. We will upgrade your site, make it faster and more reliable, add coupons, check your paying page and even add SMS for clients who have left items in the cart.

Email Marketing

The most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads. By using email marketing, we can turn your leads into paying customers. Using your store data we got from our AI platform we are able to set up the best goals for your email marketing campaign in order to get results fast!

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